Monday, August 23, 2010


I reviewed a very nice noise-electronic-improvisational-type album from Imbogodom, a collaboration between Alexander Tucker and Daniel Breban last week...and it ran last week at Dusted.

A bit of the review...
More like one, long piece with movements than a series of freestanding compositions, The Metallic Year traces a conversation between organic, instrument-based sounds and electronic manipulations, improvisation and tape manipulation. Often lovely, occasionally dark and foreboding, the album seems to encapsulate the tenor of post-terror times, a thread of worry running through even the most serene landscapes.

The rest of the review is here:

I can't find any mp3s but there are previews of all the tracks at the Thrill Jockey page

(the embedded links feature doesn't seem to be working with my parents' computer, so I'm just putting in the URLs for now.)

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