Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of summer? Time for a mix

Hey, who am i kidding...this mix has nothing to do with the end of summer, except that it's mostly stuff I was listening to at the end of this particular summer of 2010. It gets a little disco-y in the middle, but hold on for the strong finish.

1. "I'll Be Runnin'" Woven Bones
2. "Rusty Old Clock" Limes
3. "Five Foot Category Five" The Graves Brothers Deluxe
4. "The Mistress," Amelia Curran
5. "Downward Road" Mavis Staples
6. "Draw the Stars," Andreya Triana
7. "A Day at the Carnival" Dam-Funk
8. "Round and Round," Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
9. "Supergirl" Stereo Total
10. "I Hate the 80s" The Vaselines
11. "Baby I Got News for You," Kelley Stoltz
12. "Buried By the Blues," Black Mountain
13. "Big Sun Falling in the River," Richard Thompson
14. "Kiss Them All" Bottomless Pit
15. "Cicada" Versus

Download here

Enjoy. I made this before I went to Indiana and never upped it, so I've got almost enough for another one by this point.


Mike McGonigal said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy LIMES

jenniferpkelly said...

Indeed, what a grower.

robp said...

Haven't heard it yet, but that Kelley Stoltz/Black Mountain/Richard Thompson segue has to be worth Jennifer Aniston's legs times Angelina Jolie's lips. But better, I just know few pop star comparisons. Plus, I figure this was the Brad Pitt Conundrum, which I've capitalized as it could be a band name when his movie career toilet-dives.

jenniferpkelly said...

That's quite a band name.

Have I told you about my imaginary band? It's called The Sickening Thuds. I'm the drummer, obviously.

We're very my head.