Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She regrets the error

I made a pretty big, pretty stupid mistake in my Dusted review of the new Mission of Burma today (fixed now, I called Vs. and Signals late 1970s albums, eek!), but I think the basic argument still stands: another very good album from a band that seems to be getting better all the time, notwithstanding decades of history. All of which proves a) nobody's perfect, b) you only really screw up the stuff you know and c) people actually read Dusted, even early in the morning, and care when it has dumb-ass errors in it.

Anyway, you can read the new amended review here if you want. Try not to find any more mistakes, okay?

“1,2,3 Partyy!”

Also, pretty funny, Sunday was apparently "Mission of Burma Day" in Boston.


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I'm glad you pointed out that people aren't flipping out over the new album. For instance, I was shocked when I read the Pitchfork review. He gave it a good review, but it was awarded 8.0 where Obliterati got 8.3. Uh, it didn't sound like Masters thought it was a lesser album than Obliterati. Anyway, I can't wait to hear it once it arrives from Amazon. A day of Yo La Tengo and Mission of Burma should be interesting at the very least.

jenniferpkelly said...

did you get it yet? what do you think?

Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Sorry, the CD came to my mailbox only recently. I really like it. I look at this as a victory lap after Obliterati. As yet I've only heard it twice so I've got some vague feelings about how it's different and why that works. There's something in how the songs are narrated that I'm paying particular attention to. I could listen to it all day solely for the musicianship, though. I saw them live as well last week so I'm still rather agog at their excellence. Prescott's stage banter amused me to no end: "I was a millionaire for twenty years and I wondered 'what the fuck am I doing?'. I wish I could have seen them in DC last year.