Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three Dusted reviews in three days…a record I think.

Today’s is Grooms, a Brooklyn-based up-and-comer that used to be known (in a slightly different configuration) as Muggabears. Their new album Rejoicer is out this week on the Death By Audio label. My review begins:

For many of its best moments, Rejoicer separates into layers. Here, warm, melodic guitars are heard dimly through shimmering curtains of noise; there, strangled pop vocals trace a wandering path through dissonance; over there, sticks on rims beat a nervous pattern against gauzy washes of sustained sounds. In general, more than one thing is going on – either sequentially, as songs stop, then start up again in entirely different directions, or simultaneously, as sparse parts interlock only casually, as if built separately first, then hammered together at the joints. There is a constant tension between song and sonic splatter.

And continues

“Dreamsucker” (courtesy of Stereogum)


Syd The Squid said...

i like that...

Unknown said...

Great Fuck Buttons review today. Thanks.