Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beat Circus

From the Boston chapter of New England’s weird folk organization…Beat Circus’ Brian Carpenter used to work with Alec Redfearn and finagled Larkin Grimm into singing back-up for this one. My review of Boy from Black Mountain ran in today’s Blurt.

Skewed traditionalist Brian Carpenter's third album under the Beat Circus name draws its inspiration from both past and future. Its righteous backbone - one-two bass, rackety clattering drums, gospel harmonies, oompah brass bands and the swell and squeal of fiddle - hails from the backwoods hymns and hoedowns of his agrarian childhood. The jittery modernity comes from Carpenter's close ties to Boston's multi-instrumented underground - and to his anxiety over a son diagnosed with autism during the recording period.


“Boy from Black Mountain”

“February Train”

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