Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Terrible news about Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

I've learned over the last couple of days that Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, who are a really excellent indie-pop/jangly kind of band on the Bloodshot label, have been involved in a really terrible van accident. Two members of the band are still in the hospital, the van and much of their equipment/instruments is ruined, and they are unable to tour to support their new album And the Horse You Rode In On.

Apparently both the people who had to be hospitalized have health insurance -- which is great -- but they're not working, either at their day jobs or the band, and when they get better they are going to need to buy guitars and a new van and pay rent and all that...So Bloodshot is raising money for them, both through some benefit concerts and through a PayPal donation account. If you want to help out, go here.

If you're not familiar with this really terrific band, here is "Stop" from their new album.

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