Monday, October 12, 2009

Heavy Trash

I'm back, had a pretty good time in Chicago with my family (my old family, Sean and Bill didn't go). We went to see Northwestern beat Miami of Ohio, but not as badly as they were supposed to, ate barbecue and Chinese and saw a very funny show at Second City. (It was not the main Second City, but a secondary troupe, so maybe second Second City?) I met my brother's new girlfriend who seems very nice and super good for him, so that was cool, too.

On the music front, I have a review up today at Dusted of the third Heavy Trash album. Heavy Trash, if you're coming in late , is what Jon Spencer has been doing for the last several years, along with Matt Verta-Ray from Speedball Baby and Madder Rose. I opined:

With this third album, Midnight Soul Serenade Spencer and Verta-Ray heat-warp all kinds of hoary traditions, their old-time rockabilly sincerity twisted with the green gleam of madness, their shout-along soul choruses redolent with sexual violence. The music is vastly entertaining, devilish, solder trickles of white-hot intensity running through cracks in its nailed-down façade. It’s contained, but at the same time, so over the top that you never know whether the record – and, by extension, the whole Heavy Trash project – is some kind of baroque kind of practical joke.

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“Gee I Really Love You”


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