Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Does anyone else really love this song?

So I was running again this morning and I had a bunch of random stuff on, and more than that, it was the same random stuff as yesterday – which is no way to listen to every possible song in the universe. But anyway, towards the end, this song came on, and I loved it so much that I played it four times in a row. It’s the Wrens’ “This Boy Is Exhausted,” and here they are playing it at the Knitting Factory half a decade or so ago. (No time at all in Wrens-world….)


Ian said...

Ooh me! Me!

(although I think I like its twin "Everyone Choose Sides" just a liiiiittle more, entirely because of the "I'VE WALKED AWAY FROM MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE / and I sleep just fine" bit)

They haven't played Toronto in a while. I need them to come up here again; one of the most inspiring live shows I've ever seen.

(and The Meadowlands is top 20 for the decade, easy)

jenniferpkelly said...

They're both good songs...and yes, great album.

I saw them twice within a month back in 2004 or 2005 and never since. Fantastic show, lots of jumping off amps and tossing instruments into the air and that sort of thing...and those songs, of course.

Supposedly there's another coming at some point, but who knows?

Ian said...

If they just beat the Secaucus - Meadowlands gap I'll be happy.