Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woolen Men

We had a little best of 2013 so far discussion a week or two ago on the Dusted board, and one of the albums that came up repeatedly was the self-titled debut from the Woolen Men, out since early March on Woodsist. I'd gotten a promo, but hadn't put it on yet, so I checked it out, and it's excellent...kind of teetering on the edge between super-punky early R.E.M. and the most melodic bits of Mission of Burma. (And if this seems like an odd place to find common ground, you should check out R.E.M.'s cover of "Academy Fight Song".

Anyway, I kind of like early R.E.M. and, if you've been paying attention, you know I LOVE Burma...you can also hear little echoes of Wire and the Buzzcocks in here, all the good stuff as far as I'm concerned.

Check it out

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