Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wiretree's Get Up

I am really not sure that I like Wiretree's new album Get Up as much as I liked Luck...which I liked a lot...and it doesn't help that my favorite song on the new album ("In the City (Rail)") was also one of my favorites on the last one. My son says it sounds a lot like Luck, maybe a little too much like it, and to me, it just seems thinner and less urgent.

However, this is quite a good band, poised somewhere on the continuum between strummy, R.E.M.-leaning indie rock, alt-Americana and Brit-pop. They're from Austin and while Blurt has pretty publicly gone ape-shit for them, the rest of the world seems not to have taken any notice. Here's my boss, Fred Mills, on a very early listen to Wiretree:

The title track is very pleasant...just not sure whether it's anything more than that. Fun video, though.

There's more at the Soundcloud page.

Get Up is out August 19 on Cobalt Works Music.

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