Friday, June 21, 2013


So, I was definitely around during the Pedaljets first, late-1980s run, and definitely listening to music, but I do not remember a god-damned thing about this band. Now, I learn that they were from Lawrence Kansas and toured with all the bands i DID like a lot -- Mats, Husker, Meat Puppets -- and still I managed to miss the whole phenomenon.

Too, bad, cos I probably would have been a fan. I might even be a fan now, belatedly, on the occasion of the Pedaljets' first album in 24 years, which is called What's In Between.

Here's the second single. Pretty good, huh? What an ignoramus I was in 1989. (I was kinda busy with getting married and starting my business and figuring out a way to get out of NYC so I could have kids, but still, no excuses.)

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