Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pedaljets split the difference between Paisley Pop and Mats-style mayhem

Blogged this the review, up yesterday at Blurt. I gave it four stars, which is about as high as I go...totally enjoyable, especially if you came up in the early MTV years.

What's In Between
Electric Moth


Pedaljets arose in the mid-1980s out of the same rough-housing Kansas indie scene that birthed The Embarrassment (whose Bill Goffrier came east to co-found the great Big Dipper). The band was, at one time, a raucous r ‘n r contender in the hunt for the next ‘Mats, Husker or Meat Puppets. They shared stages with all these bands. Yet Pedaljets made just two albums in its heyday, the grungy, rackety debut Today Today in 1988 and the rushed and less satisfying S-T in 1989. They split a year after the second record, worn out with touring and disappointed with their showing. The Pedaljets’ sophomore effort apparently rankled so much that the band actually reformed to re-record it in 2006.


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