Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonathan Richman...both childish and astonishingly wise

My review of Jonathan Richman's live show, last weekend in Northampton, is running today at Blurt. (sorry about the lousy photos.)

I begin:

Jonathan Richman is the world’s oldest child, his bug-eyed sense of wonder filtered through world-weary years of experience. His mid-song spoken word intervals can conjure the unguarded innocence of a six-year-old, or they can sound like the disgruntled peeves of an oldster. It is a curious mixture, the way he dances with the herky-jerky abandon of a preschooler, his face shadowed with a very adult sadness and knowing.

More here

This is maybe my favorite Jonathan Richman song right now (just passed previous bestie "19 in Naples"). It ended the show.

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