Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is good stuff, traditional instruments bent in non-traditional ways, airy vocals twisted into surreal and haunting shapes. The Aquarian is referencing Jim James, but I'm hearing more Stars Like Fleas, Akron Family and Megafaun.

The band leader's name is Peter Frey, there are five other players involved and they have lived in Minnesota (before and now) and Austin (in between). That's pretty much all I know, but the art work is of the main reasons I checked this out in the first place. (Yes, we critics are extremely fickle and like pretty things.) I'm glad I did, why don't you?

This is the album cover.

And here's a video.

Disposition from Kazyak on Vimeo.

I have been working extremely hard...I mean, I often get hired because I'm fast and that means there's a lot of pressure, but this is beyond the usual...five fairly substantial drafts in about a week. If I focus I can make $4500 this week and the same again the next...which will help a lot with Sean's college expenses. Of course, one of the risks is that you kill yourself to make deadlines and then the client stops things dead after D1 because they realize they can't keep up/think they could do better if they slowed down/or some other excuse I can't think of right now but it happens frequently. In that case, you only get half, but even half is pretty good.

So forgive me if I'm not on 30secondsover all the time. I have to put food on the table and money into the college account.

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