Monday, April 11, 2011

Art Brut’s new one

There’s a free track from Art Brut’s new album Brilliant! Tragic! up now at Pitchfork, which I am kind of liking even though it seems frightfully suave, well-behaved and vaguely Jarvis Cocker-like compared to Mr. Argos’ other material. (The exclamation points in the album title seem very Argos-esque, though.) Am I imagining it, or is there a little bit of the Temptations’ “Sugar Pie, Honeybunch” in the opening riff? Probably hallucinating.

Anyway, the record will be on Cooking Vinyl, which is one of those labels that you can buy anything they do and it’ll be good. The album’s out, let’s see, May 24th, but the single can be had a week sooner, May 16th.

“Lost Weekend”

I may be flogging stray mp3s quite a lot this week, since Blurt’s editor is off and all my Dusted reviews are somewheres in the May-ish future, so bear with me.

First day of track season, today, too…off to run with the kids again!

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