Monday, September 16, 2013

Under the boardwalk

File this under, hazy, gauzy, slo-mo dream pop, like Beach House in the first couple of albums or like Speck Mountain pretty much any time. the only weird thing is that the record is on Stone's Throw, which, am I confused again, didn't that used to be sort of an alternative hip hop label?

Boardwalk shares with Beach House a kind of ocean-vacation vibe, a drone-y, diffuse organ-based sound, soft, caressing female vocals and a reliance on drum machines for rhythms. (Remember when Beach House used to tour with a boom box?) They are also a male-female duo, the singer Amber Quintero, the arranger/player Mike Edge made some of his own equipment. So, yeah, very pretty...hope they don't get all ripped up and tossed out to sea in hurricane season...try for yourself.

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