Wednesday, September 11, 2013

all the crap i listened to this summer

So, what I do, when I finish a review or an interview or a show write-up, is I pick my favorite song from the relevant album and dump it into a file which is usually named after a month. Then, at the end of the month, I spend several blissful, useless hours trying to arrange those songs in a way that makes sense. It is more difficult some months than others.

Anyway, a bunch of things happened this summer. Both Dusted and Blurt were, at different times, on hiatus. Sean was leaving for college. I was working more than usual on my financial writing business. So I ended up with a "June 2013" playlist that went on for several months, and which I have just stopped adding songs to, like yesterday, well into September.

I also did not spend the usual amount of time fiddling with fact I spent no time on it. Caveat emptor.

I did put the whole thing -- or the whole thing minus a couple that aren't available -- on Spotify. Have a go if you like:

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