Thursday, September 5, 2013

I listen to the new Kandodo and all I hear is water

My review of the really beautiful, languid, lyrical new Kandodo album is up today at Dusted, and now that I read it, I'm thinking that maybe I went, er, overboard on the water business.

Thrill Jockey

Kandodo’s self-titled album conjured wide, treeless plains, a large scale landscape given drama not by its features but by the expanse of space without them. k20, coming a year later, is similarly vast, but this time oceanic. You can hear the waves, literally, on brief sound-sampling “Waves” and on lengthy, droning “Swim into the Sun.” You can sense the pitch and roll of currents on nearly all these tracks. It’s no accident that the sprawling second side’s “Swim into the Sun” evokes passage through water. There’s a slippery liquid envelopment in Kandodo’s sound, now amniotic and warm, later chilly and bracing, but always washing over in long waves.


In other news, I am interviewing Miles from EMEFE today for Blurt. I'm going to ask him if they've ever all tried to fit in a Volkswagon.

We also got the word that our washer is kaput and we will now have to come up with a very unfun, unexpected $700 or $800 to replace it. We bought it a week or two after we bought the house, so it's not like we didn't get some use out of it. Also, things have been going well workwise, so it's not a terrible time to have to do this. Still, I can't help but feel that we will never, ever get ahead. It's always something.

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