Friday, September 6, 2013

Casually polished, beautifully offhand

I've gotta write some more reviews. I'm running out of stuff to post.

FELSEN – I Don’t Know How to Talk Anymore


Felsen, a slyly clever power pop outfit from Oakland, has one foot in 1960s and 1970s classic rock, the other in the web-connected, socially-mediated early teens. Songwriter Andrew Griffin is a Berkelee trained session drummer turned Wilco/Matthew Sweet/Teenage Fanclub acolyte. He may be old-school enough to slip a line from “Cinnamon Girl,” a riff from Zep’s “Good Times, Bad Times” into opening salvo “Rock ‘N Roll’s Not Dead,” but he’s no stranger to the blogging, commenting, sharing (and over-sharing) present.

I Don’t Know How to Talk Anymore is Felsen’s fourth LP, a casually polished, beautifully offhand collection of smart, quirky pop songs. Griffin has the trick of .


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