Monday, September 23, 2013

Spencer Krug goes piano bar

Spencer Krug, whom you may know from Wolf Parade, Swan Lake and Sunset Rubdown, has a solo project called Moonface, which is, apparently, whatever he feels like doing at the moment, in terms of instrumentation, sometimes marimba and shit-drums, sometimes organ (and not vibraphone like he'd hoped) and, in this case, piano. This is as close to Spencer Krug unplugged as we're likely to get, no electronics at all, just that wavery, emotionally-vibrating tenor and piano chords. I kind of like it -- he's an interesting writer -- though I like his stuff with drums a little better.

Anyway, it's out October 29 on Secretly Canadian. It's called Julia with Blue Jeans On. He's got a few shows lined-up, probably in places where there's a working piano. (St. Pancras Old Church!)

09/29/13 Montreal, QC - Pop Motreal @ Ukrainian Federation BUY TICKETS
11/08/13 Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
11/09/13 New York, New York - Le Poisson Rouge
11/23/13 London, UK - St. Pancras Old Church

There's a fair amount of drama in the first single. It bangs more, wanders less than the rest of the album.

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