Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No Age's new one

I found kind of an interesting quote about the new No Age album, An Object in Spin today and thought I'd share it:

"We wanted to go back to this idea from [2007's] Weirdo Rippers where we didn't really think about songs as a completed structure but just as little moments," [Dean Spunt] says, "like not really having anything to do with a verse or a chorus, but just having parts that can make a whole. The interesting thing with Weirdo Rippers is that we were learning how to play our instruments, so it has a certain quality to it that we, at this point, really can't replicate unless I started playing accordion."

Instead, the drummer picked up a bass, fiddled with amplified contact mics, and toyed with prepared speakers, all in an effort to keep the making of An Object "uncomfortable."

"I could barely play drums, I could barely sing," Spunt remembers of No Age's early days. "But I've gotten to the point where playing drums and signing [has become] second nature... I could play an hour and 20 minutes and not feel tired. I accomplished it, and I didn't know what else I could do in that context. I got to the point where I felt very comfortable, and to me that started to feel slightly scary. I need to try things."

There's more here.

It took me a couple of listens to get into the new one, but I'm liking it now.

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