Friday, July 19, 2013

Múm's new album, Smilewound

Smilewound, the upcoming album by Múm, is way blippier and more electronic than the last one...almost austere compared to Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know. Not that there isn't pop and melody and lush-ness in these songs, it's just chopped and italicized to the point where you have to search for it in the mix. I think I'll probably like it more as I listen to it more...unlike Sing Along which I liked right away.

Here's the first video

I wrote a review of a Mum show a couple of years ago for Blurt, but I'm not sure it's accessible anymore since the redesign. Anyway, surprisingly great band live, way more fun than you'd guess from the records. Lots of bouncing around and dancing.

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