Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bodies of Water Twists Again...

This is two years late, this post. Tell those nice folks in Bodies of Water I'm sorry. Their CD was in a pile on my desk, but it's an old layered pile and the current stuff tends to be on top. Anyway, I found Twist Again a few weeks ago and was all "oh cool, new stuff from Bodies of Water!" and put it on my iTunes and (big surprise) liked it a lot. The whole time I had a growing suspicion that it had come out a while ago, but I was thinking months, not years.

Ahem. June 2011.

So what should you know about Bodies of Water? They're a foursome, comprised of two married couples. They're from California. Their slightly more popular side project Music Go Music often earns them comparisons to Abba, and I hate Abba, so let me tell you, it's a spurious comparison.

I had a very early interview with Bodies of Water at PopMatters and afterwards David told me that it was the best thing anyone had written about them so far (this was 2007, so that might not be true anymore).

I also did a piece on Music Go Music for Blurt. (It's hard to read because it hasn't been reformatted for the new site design.)

What about the new album? It's lovely, quirky, epically romantic but a bit more mature and settled than previous efforts. Maddy Costa at the Guardian said, "Twist Again, BoW's third album, is a calmer, more controlled affair than either of its predecessors. The four-part gospel choir has been abandoned in favour of a focus on David's brooding baritone and Meredith's nightingale trill, and where familiar musical ingredients appear – abrupt changes in tempo, flurrying saxophones, galloping guitars – it's with an appealing new restraint."

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