Monday, July 8, 2013

New Queens of the Stone Age

I finally got around to Spotifying the new Queens of the Stone Age, and while I liked it okay, I couldn't help but feel like it's not as good as R or Songs for the Deaf.  I totally understand that Olivieri is probably hard to be around, but he was the kick in the ass for this band, the main reason that their melodic, dreamy elements were so desperately necessary and vital.  Without him, they're sliding further off into the soft-focus, and it's fine, but I'm probably not buying the album.

Though I'm thinking of putting R back on my iTunes. 

Here's the single, would be fun to see them play out sometime.

Bill (my husband) was asking if I was going to get this, and weirdly, that was more likely when they were on Interscope than Matador.  He was asking because he'd read Sasha Frere-Jones' piece in the New Yorker.  Which is pretty effusive. 


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