Friday, July 26, 2013

Laura Veirs

Last time I caught up with Laura Veirs, she was hugely pregnant with her first child but still managing a tour comprehensive enough to include Northampton, was all to support the really lovely July Flame, another of her excellent but (I think( insufficiently appreciated albums. She is very bright and eloquent and has a beautiful voice and a way with melody...she's married to Tucker Martine, a talented West Coast producer who frames her songs in striking and unexpected ways.

So anyway, Ms. Veirs has another album, the first since her collection of children's music, and it's wonderful. My favorite song is "That Alice" a rather raw, rather rocking tribute to Alice Coltrane (it is volume two, after "Carole Kane" in her series of tributes to obscure but excellent female musicians). But "Sun Songs" is good, too.

My Laura Veirs interview and live show review got mangled by the Blurt archival system, but check them out if you can get past the formatting issues.

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