Monday, June 18, 2012

Neneh Cherry

Sort of pleased about how this came out from a writing standpoint...

Neneh Cherry & The Thing
The Cherry Thing
Smalltown Supersound
At first glance, Neneh Cherry’s latest looks like a style-crossing free-for-all, the R&B/electronic/hip hop/punk/fashion/DJ diva in collaboration with Swedish free-jazzers, The Thing, all of them working out the kinks of a grab bag of songs from The Stooges, MC Doom, Ornette Coleman and Suicide. Yet while The Cherry Thing seems designed to frustrate any attempt at genre-sorting, it is, itself, fairly cohesive, criss-crossed as it is with non-standard, industry-unsanctioned, personal connections.


Let's see, in other news, I was listening to Fiona Apple's new one this morning on the NPR app and thinking that I could like it, but I would probably never love it...

Also, check out Dusted's Midyear report...I was not in it this year, I think because my favorite is a bit off message (it's Shearwater's Animal Joy, yes I know...totally wrong, but it's the one I like the best.)  But there are some really great records on there, just getting into Duane Pitre and starting on Merchandise and both excellent from what I've heard. 

I might do my mid-year at some point this week.  I've got some juggling to do since the last iteration, and ten is getting to be a very small number again, but that's the fun of it, right?

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