Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cheap Time

Another really excellent rock record from In the Red.

Cheap Time
Wallpaper Music
In the Red

Cheap Time’s Jeffrey Novak was Jay Reatard’s last roommate, sharing an unheated apartment with the garage punk provocateur during the final months of his life. He also shared a certain disregard for Little Steven conventions with Reatard, looking for ways to break out of the garage rock straightjacket while retaining its best elements. Wallpaper Music, then, is heavily influenced by Reatard and Reatard’s demise. And like Reatard’s best work, it’s a conflicted, difficult endeavor that can pass as a party record. These are good time songs about death and disillusion, their big triumphant guitar gestures continually undercut by drawled detachment, their catchy melodies always getting sucked down into an existential vortex.


There are a whole bunch of free downloads at the Free Music Archives.

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