Friday, June 15, 2012

I am mystified by Keuhkot


Keuhkot, the Finnish musician Kalevi Rainio, can probably not be fully understood by listening to Laskeutumisalusastia, or for that matter, any of his other albums. His songs, in inscrutable Finnish, natter on in impassioned, staccato dissonance, meshes of looped rhythm and synthesizer punctuated by sharp stabbing guitar chords. Google translator makes only the most elusive sense of the lyrics, chanted in a monotone, continually, without audible line breaks, unearthing stray phrases about the natural world, consumerism, political and social mores. There is a rabid, jittery, visionary propulsiveness to the whole enterprise that recalls Beefheart, early Pere Ubu and The Ex, but what it means, what it aims at, what it’s meant to convey? A mystery.


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gristle said...

CREAMY yum-yum. Wish he would come to Texas!