Sunday, June 3, 2012

a mix for late spring

I haven't posted a mix for a while, but I do make them pretty much every month out of the stuff I've been listening to. Here's a new one which starts out in garage punk, veers over into a country blues-ish direction and then goes kind of pop experimental towards the end.

Cheap Time's "Night to Night"
Royal Headache's "Psychotic Episode"
Ty Segall Band's "Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart"
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires' "Centreville"
Cory Branan's "Survivor Blues"
Shannon Stephens' "What Love Looks LIke"
Woods, "Wind Was the Wine"
Bridget St. John "Rabbit Hills" (Michael Chapman cover)
Human Don't Be Angry, "Monologue: River" (Malcolm Middleton)
Kandodo, "Laud the Hyena"
The Hollyhocks, "EO"
Magic Trick, "Torture"
Musotics, "Else Queen Elsie"

Download here

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