Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fresh and Only's Cohen pulls a rabbit from his hat

I really like the Fresh & Onlys, and I've also been liking a good number of the offshoot groups, Tim Cohen solo, Wymond Miles solo and now Magic Trick, reviewed today at Dusted.

Magic Trick
Ruler of the Night
Hardly Art

For a guy who spent his formative years listening exclusively to hip hop, Tim Cohen has become a surprising force in pop. Magic Trick is a busman’s holiday from the meatier, guitar-driven Fresh & Onlys, an ephemeral solo project turned semi-solid with the addition of a full-time band. More private, less celebratory than his main gig, with Magic Trick, Cohen finds space for unhurried, introspective balladry and billowy girl harmonies, the yin to Fresh & Onlys’ yang.


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