Monday, April 30, 2012

Here We Go Magic interview

I think I mentioned that A Different Ship was hovering around the second half of my provisional top ten. It's a good bit more focused and soulful than Here We Go Magic's previous two records...I talked to Luke Temple about it a month or two ago.

Perfection in the Flaws: An Interview with Here We Go Magic
By Jennifer Kelly 30 April 2012

“Now, with all the digital tools available, we can autocorrect the voice if it’s a little bit out to tune. We can snap rhythms to grid. We can fix almost anything,” said Luke Temple, the founder and main songwriter for Here We Go Magic. “We strive for perfection. But what we don’t realize is that the this that make art the most appealing are the flaws. That’s what’s human about art. That’s what we relate to.”

Temple has been leading Here We Go Magic since 2008, and over these four years, the outfit has gradually evolved into a fully-formed band. Here We Go Magic’s self-titled debut was largely Temple and long-time friend Michael Bloch. By Pigeons, the second disc, a full line-up had been assembled. But it was not until the long stretch of touring after 2009’s Pigeons that the band—now Temple, guitarist Bloch, drummer Peter Hale, bassist Jen Turner, and keyboard player Kristina Lieberson—developed what Temple calls a “kinetic, almost symbiotic” relationship with one another, one in which they could hear, understand and immediately respond to whatever was going on in the music.


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