Friday, April 13, 2012


A new review of Beaus$Eros, in which I ponder why Busdriver wants to be a rock singer...

(Fake Four)

Busdriver, the LA-based MC born Regan John Farquhar, has been one to respect genre barriers. A rapper since his teens known for rapid-fire, super-literate lyrical flow, Busdriver has reached well beyond the usual suspects of collaborators. He has worked with experimental electronicists like Daedelus and Nobody, alternative hip hoppers like Nocando, indie rockers like Islands Nick Thornburg (of Unicorns and Islands) and Deerhoof and punk rockers like the Mae Shi. Here, on his 10th full-length, Busdriver works primarily with description Loden, but also Coco Rosie's Sierra Cassady. His music here strains the boundaries of even the most electronically adventurous hip hop, tapping a vein of synthy, electro-pop tunefulness and multi-voiced sung counterpoints.



I'm going to see Citay, P.G. Six and Lee Bains tonight at the Flywheel, but I bought the tickets so I don't think I'm writing anything very formal about it.

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