Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bad-ass bubblegum from King Tuff

King Tuff is Kyle Thomas, I'm pretty sure, who used to be in Feathers, then Witch and Happy Birthday. I used to see him all the time in Brattleboro, tall guy, long hair, leather jacket, metal stuff dangling...very rock for hereabouts. (All of Feathers used to sit, pretty regularly, outside on the sidewalk in front of Mocha Joe's on warm days, but I haven't seen that for a while.) Anyway I think he must have moved away, possibly to become King Tuff or to find people to play with. Someone said L.A....not sure about the details.

Regardless of all that, King Tuff's self-titled album landed in my mailbox a month ago from Sub Pop, and it's good...sort of like the dirtiest, most decadent Monkees record you never heard, lo-fi, bruised, crusted with noise... but anyhow rather sweet ....Here's "Bad Thing"

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