Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Emily Wells

Really interesting amalgam of folk, country, classical, R&B and blues from Emily Wells, reviewed today at Blurt
Emily Wells

Emily Wells sings in a cracked country-blues soprano, with the natural swing rhythm of an old jazz hand, the flexibly-pitched emotional heft of a Karen Dalton or Nina Simone. She plays violin, too, quite well, and in a variety of ways, like the classically trained, Suzuki-schooled musician she is. And she builds beats and synthetic arrangements that pop and slink and shuffle, sounding very much like the kind of person who might collaborate with, say, Dan the Automator. (She has done this, too.) She is good at all these things and, even more important, manages to bring them together in a coherent, wholly original way, so that you hardly see the edges. You also don't worry much, while you're listening, about whether this hybrid makes sense.


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