Sunday, April 1, 2012

Andre Williams anticipates the hoodies controversy

So late on this really excellent Andre Williams disc Hoods and Shades, out since late February on Bloodshot records, kind of simmering and low-down and lots of acoustic sounds (though not entirely acoustic, there's some great electric guitar and bass, too). So yeah, there are lots of interesting people kicking in (Dennis Coffee, for instance, the Dirtbombs Jim Diamond, Jim White from Dirty 3, Don Was)...but the main reason I am writing about it now is because of Williams' exact nailing of the post-Trayvon zeitgeist with his epic, seething-but-never-quite-boiling-over "Hoods and Shades."

Of course, I can't share that one. The one they're giving away is "Dirt". It's pretty good, too.

I missed this one, but there's an Andre record with the Sadies coming in a month, so I might get something going there.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. We saw Pina yesterday and thought it was intermittently stunning but could have used a little narrative and what-the-fuck-are-we-looking-at type connective tissue and could also, maybe, have been half an hour shorter. Also continued our slog through the first season of Games & Thrones...very surprised that Renley and Loras are so gay on TV...and, one night later, watched part of J.Edgar, but got bored and went off to read a new Neil Gaiman book called American Gods, which is quite entertaining.

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