Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twin Sister

I saw Twin Sister about a year ago with Morning Benders -- and kind of liked the show. The new album is really pretty good, much funkier and less dreamy than the first.

Here's my Dusted review.

Twin Sister
In Heaven

Twin Sister works at the conjunction of indie pop and disco-funk, with singer Andrea Estrella at the whispery center of things. She insinuates, coaxes, glides along on a narcotic cloud through bright arrangements of synthesizer, drum machine, bass and the occasional glockenspiel. Her voice, clear but childishly unmannered, is a vanilla ice cream kind of pleasure: soft, smooth, sweet and unchallenging, if a bit chilly. Meanwhile the band, led by guitarist and songwriter Eric Cardona, and filled out with Gabel D’Amico, Bryan Ujueta, and Udbhav Gupta, exudes ease and confidence during the dense, diverse arrangements.


"Bad Street"

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