Thursday, September 8, 2011

Arrica Rose again

I posted about this really excellent record, Arrica Rose and the Dot Dot Dots' Let Alone Sea a week or two ago, thinking that I probably wouldn't have the chance to review it. and then things changed, and I was, indeed, reviewing it for Blurt, so here it is. Nine stars, holy shit, I think I only gave it eight and Fred bumped it up.

Arrica Rose and the …s
Let Alone Sea

Warm, natural, casually excellent, the LA songwriter Arrica Rose's third full-length feels as soft and worn-in as an old tee-shirt the first time through. Let Alone Sea is the kind of record that you feel instantly familiar with, as if you'd put it on late at night all your life, whenever you needed to get back to basics or set your head straight.

Rose's dusky alto is sure and true, fluttering a little at the edges, as she sings wisely, knowingly, about sailing away or bending a recalcitrant world to one's will. There's an Americana ease to these melodies, a bit of twang and blues slipped into their clean pop contours, though all that is layered over with a dreamy bit of gauze. When Rose murmurs ruefully that "everybody will burn," in opener "Everybody," her voice is a bittersweet wisp of smoke itself, though surrounded by luminous textures of 4AD-style alt-rock in the arrangements.


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