Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meg Baird

Another really beautiful solo album from the Espers singer...it's called Seasons on Earth and it's out now on Drag City records. I reviewed it for Blurt.

Meg Baird
Seasons on Earth
(Drag City)

Meg Baird always lent an ethereal warmth to Espers. Both her voice and her casually intricate picking are soft, assured and limned with sunshine. Where other singers in her general class dabble in witchy madness or chill with tremulous purity, Baird has always reached out in a friendly, open way towards melody. Here, in her second solo album, Baird moves further into dappled light, navigating sinuous shifts from major to minor key, octave-length melodic jumps and subtle blues-tinged slides with caressing kindness. Seasons on Earth is like a wry, forgiving smile set to music, its pleasures veined with melancholy, its ruefulness buoyed by hope.


"The Finder"

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Jean-Luc Garbo said...

This is encouraging news. I'll have to check this out for autumn. That House of Love cover sounds intriguing.