Friday, September 23, 2011

Next Stop Horizon

Kind of an interesting Swedish band They're from Gothenburg, Sweden, where Jens Lekman insists they don't have VIP lines. (Random aside: have you heard this new Lekman EP, clever but so cloying, had to take it off the iTunes.) They are described, offputtingly, as a soundtrack/circus/vaudeville band, but hold on, don't judge yet. The LP, We Know Exactly Where We Are Going, is theatrical but not affected, eccentric but not willfully odd. They use lots of instruments -- glockenspiel, stand-up bass, pots and pans, piano, melodica and, I think, clarinet -- but with unusual urgency. I've been wading through a big batch of uninspiring promos and this one is kind of fun.

There are some streams at soundcloud, which I am linking here.

Iron Train (Short) by Tapete Records

Next Stop: Horizon - We know exactly where we are going by Tapete Records


Ian said...

The new Lekman is so disappointing. His first record was my favourite album that year! :(

jenniferpkelly said...

Yeah? I had one other, not his first, and it's just not my thing. Though the VIP lines song cracked me up a little. I have really no interest in reliving 1970s MOR radio, even ironically.

Ian said...

One of the (dis?)advantages of being born in the 80s, I guess.

jenniferpkelly said...

yeah, you'll see, at some point kids who are babies now will rediscover Kelly Clarkson and you'll have to grit your teeth through it all over again. (Unless you like Kelly Clarkson, in which case, I guess, it'll be fun.)