Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Another big record...which I didn't like nearly as much as PFK (9.3, yikes, that means album of the year), but liked some, especially the big single "Vomit."

Here's my Dusted review:

Father, Son, Holy Ghost
True Panther

Christopher Owens and JR White continue their transition from bedroom recording to fully-fleshed out band on Father, Son, Holy Ghost, adding an extra guitarist (John Anderson), a keyboard player (Dan Eisenberg) and drummer (Darren Weiss) to their regular line-up. Yet, while most of these 11 tracks are dense and redolent of 1970s arena rock, Owens manages to preserve a core of weathered, rueful, inward-looking eccentricity — even when backed by a three-person gospel choir.

You have only to listen to “Vomit,” the album’s clear highlight, to see how Girls have learned to blow out idiosyncratic interior monologues into vast, rock operatic grandeur. This cut is both epic and deeply personal, its vulnerability writ as large as, say, Pink Floyd’s “Hey You.” And hold onto that thought, because when the gospel trio enters, late in the track, the lead female singer pulls off a good facsimile of “Dark Side of the Moon”’s vocal acrobatics. That it’s not ridiculous is kind of a miracle.


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