Monday, May 31, 2010

What'd you do this weekend?

I ran the Vermont City Marathon.

#715 overall
#11 in my extremely decrepit category
#122 among the women
10 mile 1:20:12
Half Marathon 1:47:01
20 miles 2:50:25 (quite a BIT slower, but this is when I started seeing visions and hearing voices)
Finish 3:48:07
Pace 8:42

I've got a new mix coming, just checking the transitions.

Also I have been thinking about my top ten mid-year and might be ready to go public with that in a day or two.


Phenome-nonnon said...

I run 12:30 minute miles. Good work. That is a long time of seeing visions.

For URB, I do reviews like this:

And I "blog" about stuff (I email-interviewed CX Kidtronik to fact check -- my point there being that artists actually get stoked about being in Urb):

jenniferpkelly said...

Hey, Dave, it was indeed a long time and not very much fun after about mile 19. (though afterwards, I got a massage and so I had much less than usual soreness.)

I'm glad you're still writing. Most of the Splendid crew seems to have retired. (I heard from George last week, though and he's going to Bonnarroo in some technical capacity.)

Phenome-nonnon said...

I think I saw some recent Christian Carey stuff; but recent might mean three years ago ha.

I do this and stuff for that squidsear site. I had an article about Thom Yorke in a magazine called CAMP (given to campers at Coachella, put together by the Urb people). I don't have much time to do anything after that.

You, on the other hand, have your...hands in everything.

If you see George, tell him hello from me!

jenniferpkelly said...

Nice work, by the way.

I think you invented a new adjective: click-snap-bit-reduce-wiggling-synth-produced

Never before seen in the wild, eh?