Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephanie Finch steps out in front

Stephanie Finch is Chuck Prophet’s partner in life and music – an integral part of the Green on Red vet’s current touring band Mission Express. She’s also a pretty good songwriter on her own account, as demonstrated by Cry Tomorrow, where she takes the front spot, supported by Prophet, Kelley Stoltz, Rusty Miller and J. J. Weise. Here’s a bit of my review, up recently at Venus.

Cry Tomorrow saunters through the shadowy backlots of country and blues, with occasional touches of ‘60s pop in the keys. Finch’s voice, a bright alto that smokes a little at the corners, stays wholesome and true while tinged with a knowingness and self-deprecation. She keeps it pure, light, and fluty on the country cuts “So Do I” and “All Is Forgiven,” but dips into gutsier blues tones for the roadhouse rockers “Tina Goodbye” and “Don’t Back Out Now.” The Company Men follows wherever she leads, going rough and smooth by turns, filling in the gaps, and joining in the choruses, always swallowing a Cheshire Cat-sized grin..


Here she is singing “Don’t Back Out Now” with Chuck Prophet


mogroith said...

Hey Jenny - twittered the link on your Stephie Finch review to Chuck - I'll let you know if I hear anything - Mike

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh thanks Mike...how've you been?