Monday, May 3, 2010

Track, life and Standard Fare

I’m in the midst of track season again, so much more harried (get it?) than usual. This is my first year coaching a team that doesn’t include my son Sean (I coach middle school and he’s moved on to high school), so I was wondering how that would go. Turns out, it’s been pretty good. We’ve got a really nice group of kids, a very large percentage of whom actually want to run. We’ve been doing two small-ish runs on the trails pretty much every practice, with 10 to 15 kids participating, many of them in both. They also stay together better than earlier years, so there’s not so much circling back and making sure the slower kids don’t get lost. We had our first actual meet on Saturday. We were supposed to have one on Wednesday but, bizarrely, were snowed out.

Anyway, I’ve been doing that in the afternoons and running on my own account in the mornings (I’m running another marathon at the end of May), and feeling just kind of dragged out and vaguely ill, but I think I might have turned the corner. I had a pretty good week last week…five reviews, a bunch of work projects and, as I mentioned, a pretty heavy schedule of extra stuff. I ran 18 miles yesterday.

I also had a review of Standard Fare’s Noyelle Beat up on Friday at Blurt which I liked for the way it “matches twitchy jangle pop to defiantly cheerful rants on love gone awry.” Here’s the rest of the review if you’re interested.

Also a very amusing song called “Fifteen

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