Friday, May 14, 2010

Crazy Dreams Band’s War Dream

Holy crap, an actual review…the first one this week.
It’s of the Crazy Dreams Band’s War Dream, out now on Holy Mountain.
Second outing from this Baltimorean all-star noise-psych-experimental offshoot slows things down to a slow blues grind, building long-ish dirges around brutish guitar riffs and Lexie Mountain’s bruised and rasping alto. Alternate vocalist Chiara Giovando is out, taking with her much of the lightness and play from the self-titled debut, and guitarist Jorge Martins (of Fish & Sheep) is in, most strikingly in “Awkward for Everyone”’s blistering solo. Core members – Lexie, Nate Nelson (Mouthus), Jake Freeman and Nick Becker – remain, continuing to pursue their warped and distended take on 1960s psychedelia.


Arthur Magazine’s got a DL of “Feels So Good”

And speaking of crazy dreams, I went back to sleep this morning after Sean got on the school bus and had this panicky one about trying to read clocks and not being able to see what time it was…finally woke up and it was 8:17, late but not disastrous.

I finished my Phosphorescent interview piece yesterday and was really pleased with the results. I think the last time I interviewed him, it was so short and content-lite that I ended up talking about his car. This time, I feel like I sort of broke through.

Have a nice weekend all…looking forward to a little more sleep.

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