Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wave Pictures

Pretty interesting angsty pop from British Wave pictures...reviewed today at Dusted.

The Wave Pictures make nervy, hyper-articulate pop, with long intricate lyrics that unspool in perfect sync with jangly, syncopated rhythms. The two albums combined in this set — Instant Coffee Baby from 2008 and If You Leave It Alone from 2010 — catch the band shifting from the jittery, punk-leaning angst of, say, the first Feelies album towards a calmer, folkier style. Yet even as singer/writer/guitarist David Tattersall yearns for songs that get “sweeter and simpler and softer and slower and younger” in the title track to If You Leave It Alone, he can’t resist complication. His lyrics turn litanies of photo-realist detail into surreal melodrama.


“I Love You Like a Madman”

“Strange Fruit for David”

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