Monday, May 24, 2010

This Moment in Black History

Kinda cool aggresso-punk album from Cleveland’s This Moment in Black History – the review ran last week at Blurt.

Eight years and three full-lengths in, these blistering punk-rock-screamers show no signs of slowing down. Harder and more metallic than Cleveland's post-punk forefathers (Dead Boys, Ubu, Easter Monkeys), This Moment in Black History toys occasionally with the pure distorted glories of classic rock ("Pollen Count"), but more often pushes faster, harder, more discordantly into angsty, thrashy nihilism. "Theophylline Valentine" runs roughshod over hammer-jammer beats, double speed, double volume, while "MFA" hauls its full-on mayhem into abrupt, head-spinning dead stops.

“Public Square”

“Pollen Count”


Derek Sunshine said...

Heard about them on irockcleveland. I have a soft spot for the rock of my native city.

jenniferpkelly said...

I didn't realize you were from Cleveland, Jack...this Smog Veil label does almost exclusively Cleveland punk, mostly vintage, but some new.