Friday, October 4, 2013

This was a ....drawn out feeling

I've been quite taken with the wispy, fanciful, semi-cracked folk tunes of Mathew Sawyer (one "t", not a typo) lately, whose album Sleep Dreamt a Brother is out this month on Fire Records. I suppose the inevitable reference is Syd Barrett, but really, it's completely different. His voice sounds a good bit like Daniel Bejar, but that's about as far as that one goes...nothing in common in terms of songwriting style.

Here's a bit...weird how it's both skeletal and also kind of baroque...the piano and strings are almost transparent in the arrangement, but still there.

Sawyer is better known as a painter, apparently. Want to see some of his work?

I'm just finishing up my live review of that Angel Olsen/Pillars & Tongues show, looking forward to the end of this dreadful week. (However, on the bright side, I seem to have successfully opened an account on, though I can't buy a policy yet, since they're still checking my identity.)

Rain, rain, rain.

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