Friday, October 11, 2013

Ancient Sky

I've been giving a sort of desultory listen to All Get Out, the third album from Brooklyn guitar psychadelicists Ancient Sky, and you know what? It's not bad. It's got a space-y, trippy vibe, not anywhere near as heavy as Bardo Pond or even Black Mountain, not as proggily experimental as the Vocokesh, more in the vein of early Mercury Rev, Apse and the unlucky but wonderful Black Sun Ensemble. I am not saying that they are as good as these bands (well, maybe as good as Apse), just that they work in the same general neighborhood. By which I mean epic space rock, slow spins off into the cosmos, big shattering cymbal crashes, laser arcs of lead guitar, bottom-of-a-well spooky reverbed vocals. Members of this band have been around -- apparently someone was in Woods, someone else in Meneguar, but can't tell you a thing about who or what they played. In the absence of much information, why not just listen to the music, eh?

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