Saturday, October 5, 2013


Typical Saturday, we go to the YMCA and work out then split a sandwich at the local coffee shop, then go to Turn It Up, the used record store downstairs from the movie theater and usually...don't buy anything.  (I love, love, love buying records, but you should see the pile on my desk.) 

Anyway, this time, Bill is bored with records stores and decides to go the the co-op instead in search of bee pollen (which is really good for allergies, as long as it's local), so I'm heading off to the record store he says, "Look for some Roots" because we have both been watching Fallon lately and thinking about how much we love the Roots (without having bought a whole lot of their recorded material, sadly).  But this time, I am on a mission, and so I go straight to the hip hop section, P-R, and there is Phrenology, the follow-up to what is widely considered the Roots' best, Things Fall Apart (which I think we have somewhere?)  So I buy it and we listen to it all the way home and it's phenomenal. About ten years ago, when it came out, Mojo called it "another masterpiece," Blender a "a nonstop joyride through some very complicated brains," and Spin said, "The Roots have never sounded this raw on record, this much like an actual band playing in an actual room."  (Which is essentially their whole shtick right there, but I guess they made it work?)

There are a bunch of interesting guests on this, Jill Scott, Talib Qweli, and, on this track Cody Chestnutt....Isn't is awesome? 

Anyway that my weekend discovery of the completely obvious.  I hope you found something fantastic out there in the world, too. 


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