Sunday, October 27, 2013

Like ESG? Try Las Kellies

Sticking up for the Buenos Aires branch of the Kellies empire (who knew that the plural had an "i"?) here. Las Kellies is an all-girl, post-punk outfit from Argentina...where they haven't gotten the word yet about the 20-year nostalgia cycle shifting to grunge from Gang of Four and still soldier on in the stark, sparse, syncopated style of early 1980s bands like Delta 5, ESG and the Slits. Anyway, there's a new album out called Total Exposure a bit slinkier, a bit less spiky, more dub, less jitter...but quite good. It's been out since mid-September, but I haven't seen a word about it anywhere. Shame.

This one has reggae great Dennis Bovell singing (he of Matumbi and a long-running partnership with Linton Kwesi Johnston).

This one is just the girls, but still heavily borrowing from dub/reggae etc. (Sounds like the Slits, dunnit?)

And this one, from the last album, just in case you didn't get the ESG connection.

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Syd The Squid said...

could you send me that 1st lp again?... mine seems to have disappeared into the aether... guess the new one wouldn't go amiss either... Mxxx